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  • Unique technology at LabForInvention

    • Hardware: modern nano research lab (the similar lab usually only PhDs or industry professionals are allowed to be used.)

    • Software:

      • Guides trainees to overcome math/science barriers

      • Designs new industry products

    • Expert Scientist leads the students directly to the frontier of the industry topics. 

    • The new technology with high research efficiency  (Proven High Invention Productivity)  


  • The differences between LFI and other science programs are

    • The students at LFI can invent a new thing which is useful to the science community so that their names can be published.

    • The coach is a principal scientist, who led an R&D group for the world leading company developing their future products in a field, and is an organizing committee member in an international conference.

    • Students at this world-class Laboratory could efficiently achieve  research invention or publications

    • State-of-the-art equipment, software, and new technology could efficiently help students to achieve new materials innovation.

Uniqueness of the Private Invention Classes


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