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At last, the new materials studied by the students could be published the worldwide scholar database,


A piece of real contribution to the human being, to be proud of whole life. 

Section 1: New Materials innovation program 

Day1:  Program introduction, Vacuum technology demo like a magic show and practices

Day2:  Amazing plasma demo and practices, materials science basis, PVD basic, PVD demo on the nano-film research system.

Day5:  Optical applications: Switchable glass coating practices, color design, anti-reflection design, and demos for iPhone/ iPad display coating and industry considerations.

Day3:  First nano-thin film deposition experiment   (similar experiments cost thousands $ at industry )

Day4:  First thin film characterization  ( similar measurements cost thousands $ at industry )

Day6:  First co-sputter experiment to generate new materials (such project in industry will cost  thousands of & )

Day7:  First materials optical properties characterization  (thousands $ at industry )

Day8:  Summary/ presentation/ report/Exam /registration for the database for the authorship

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