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PVD thin film deposition capabilities

  • 3-gun PVD tool to support the development of new thin films

    • co-sputtering of 3 different targets for new materials as well as creating stacks

  • Extensive new materials research capability

    • Metals

    • Alloys

    • Metal nitrides

    • Metal oxides

    • Workable elements in the periodic table

  • PVD performance Specifications

    • Substrates up to one or two-inch diameter, thickness 0.1mm to 80 mm

    • –3 independent sputtering guns (2.5 in)

    • –Background vacuum 9x10-8 Torr

    • –Independent Pulsed DC

    • –Uniformity 5% (max-min), 1 sigma 3.7% for 2mm edge exclusion in a one inch sample

  • Case studies:

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