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Optical Coating Design and  Prototype Developments

  • Optical Design

    • Color optimization

    • Transmittance/reflectance optimization

    • Visible, UV, Solar spectrum control optimization

      • SHGC(Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) control

      • Thermal and Optical  optimization for energy control

    • Traceable record for the world leading company in window coating

  • New Materials Solutions of Optical Coating

    • New feature could need new materials screening and optical design

      • materials selections and optical design

      • combine new materials and design optimization

    • Optical, thermal, mechanical  performance could be improved by such new materials screening

  • Fast research cycles

    • The whole research cycle can be done on site

      • Stack design ==> Film deposition ==> Characterization ==> Reverse Engineering ==> New design ==> Next cycle

    • Combinatorial facilities provide high efficiency in materials screening

    • Advanced Software accelerate the research.
  • Proven high invention productivity in optical coating product development

    • Dr. Ding every two weeks submitted one patent alert in the past 3 years.

    • 1/9 US approved patents in 2014 & 2015 in the field of building Low-E Glass Coating are Dr. Ding’s patents

    • Endorsed by industry company leaders

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