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  • Amazing vacuum demo like a magic show

What happens to everyday objects in a vacuum chamber? Come see the surprising results! A vacuum chamber is a contained space from which all the air has been pumped out. Vacuum technology is one of the most important technologies in manufacturing, scientific research, and modern technology. Without vacuum technology, there would not be any electronics or satellites. This vacuum science show will include the famous falling feather and Magdeburg hemisphere demonstrations which have amazed students for generations! Other demos will include the "crashing bottle", "surprised balloon", "marshmallow man", "shaving cream", and "disappearing sound" leading us to think about the principles of science. 

  • High Vacuum experiments

The high vacuum chamber is always associted with high cost, which typically is hard to see at middle school, but only at industry or frontier research laboratory.  The high vacuum terminology sometimes to be considered as a brand name during the talk, that the research is on the cutting-edge technology. 

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