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Nano-thin-film PVD lab

Metrology Lab and conference room

Nano-thin Film Research, World Class Facilities

Our state of art modern nano-thin film research system is combined with several advanced technologies: high vacuum technology, plasma technology, magnetron sputtering technology, combinatorial technology and optical coating technology.  This high vacuum system can pump the pressure down to 9 x 10-8 Torr, or below 1 billionth of the current atmospheric pressure. The three independent magnetron sputter guns can independently physicaly deposit metal or ceramic materials separately, or two-gun co-sputter or three gun co-sputter to study different compositions for new materials innovation research at high efficiency. 

The nano-thin film stack here is an example research by our students in this lab for an energy-efficient window application, which was published at the 14th international conference on materials science and Engineering. A new material with new properties can easily be demonstrated by the state of art technology:  magnetron co-sputter combinatoric technology which can rapidly generate endless new thin film materials, such as Ag-Ti Alloy, as shown in this study.

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