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Thin Film Coating & Analysis Research Services

  • Quality: World Class Hardware, Software, Expertise 


  • Fast: 48 hrs for most small jobs


  • Flexible / Affordable: by new technology                                      

  • Happy customers: satisfaction guaranteed


Our Services

We are able to to complete research paper experiments in a short period of time. 

World-Class Hardware / Software / Expertise



Unique cost-effective PVD for

High-quality thin film (sequential stacks or co-sputter)​​

  • Three independent sputtering guns

  • 1-inch or 2-in sample size

  • Pulsed DC power supplies

  • Vacuum down to 9x10-8 Torr

  • Programmed recipes 

Material Screening


Combinatorial technique, Co-sputter fast screening materials capability, significantly reduce the research cost

  • Metals

  • Alloys

  • Nitrides

  • Oxides



World class metrology + software/expertise

  • Famous Woollam  Ellipsometer

  • Top notch UV-VIS-IR Spectrometer

  • Four-point probe

  • More  tools on-site with a partner

    • AFM/XRD/XRR/Profilometer/ SEM/EDX

Modeling & Prototype


Accurate, unique optical model design and prototype development

  • High accuracy through unique methods

  • Unique design from unique


  • Wide parameter

    optimization capability

  • Unique Optical Reverse Engineering

Fast Research Cycle


News & Publications

  • 2018 July, Dr. Ding presented at International Conference On Lasers, Optics and Photonics, Osaka, Japan   July 25-26, 2018

  • 2018 June: LFI successfully finished multiple new materials development for Roche, one of the largest biotech company

  • 2018 April: LFI moved to the Sunnyvale new facility.

  • 2018 March: LFI serviced ten industry customers milestones.

  • 2018 Feb: At NCCAVS 39th annual Symposia & Exhibitions, Dr. Ding presented "Can a new materials innovation in thin film optical applications be faster and cheaper?"

  • 2017 Nov: A new energy efficient window prototype product with high transmission of 86% was successfully achieved. 

  • 2017 Nov: New materials Ti-Ag alloys were generated and charactered in LFI.

  • 2017 Nov: World Class Metrology tools from LFI generated revenue .

Recent Published Research at LabforInvention

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