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Building a bridge leading to Cutting Edge Research

  • Tutoring and technical guidance by a principal scientist


  • Access to modern research lab and software


  • Learn how to conduct experimental and modeling research including 

    1. Materials Innovation by students:

      • Study a new material generation and characterization, and summarize the research results in a database, which was used for all scientists in the world.

      • A piece of contribution to the world, to be proud of the whole life.

    2. Explore industrial product designs and some designs could be verified by the experiments

    3. Publish your research

      • Publish in an international conference or even a journal, 

      • or Become a patent inventor,

      • or Win a science fair award or a grant


  • See here what previous students have published


 9th Grade Knowledge is Adequate for Invention Because
  • The software can take care most of the scientific laws and industrial product design needed in the research;


  • The Hardware is so advanced that the new experiments done at the world-class nano-research lab are usually new to the science community, so that the results are easily published.


  • The great inventor Edison only received the primary school education:  today's high school students with friendly software can do many things.


  • We live in a new era of new trend: Professional work will be shaped by amateurs


Research used to be done only by PhDs; Now, some of those research is possible to be done by high school students.  

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