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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the reputation of those student publications

    • Many Master degree candidate only has one such paper, in that sense, the reputation of such an international paper is equivalent to a Master candidate level;  

    • All presenters I saw in all my previous conferences, had a post-graduate or above level education, or had many years of professional experiences.

    • Our research can be qualified for any top reputation conference Worldwide in the field.

    • Such a reputation is useful for future careers. Nearly all professionals put their international conference in their resume, which is an important factor in searching jobs, even though not at the same field, such experiences are usually still highly appreciated in future job applications.

  • How can high school students achieve advance research in a short time?

    • If you analysis the winners of Intel Science and Engineering Fair, you will find that all those research achievements are the advanced research, which could be the research level of Ph.D. thesis 20 years ago, but now high school students were able to do those research. 

    • Today's world is changing so fast, significantly different from 20 years ago:

      • (1) The price of equipment (hardware) decreases year by year (that is the trends of Moore's Law);

      • (2) The threshold of knowledge for innovation is greatly reduced by software and technologies around us;

      • (3) Today's computer simulation can replace complicated scientific laws and cumbersome mathematical derivation. So high school students may also be able to do advanced research.

    • The high-efficiency program with avoiding 90% repeat work, is achieved by

      • By sharing tasks with other groups members & laboratory staffs  

      • By Professional Software guidance to overcomes math/science barriers

      • By a principal scientist in the field directly coaching,

      • By world-class laboratory, easily generate new materials, which are new discoveries, so that easily be published.

    • The new materials discovery is studied by the students; the new product is truly designed by the students!

    • Imaging landing on the moon,  everything that you pick up from the moon was valuable, Similarly, new experiments at the world-class laboratory, nearly all the experimental results are new, so valuable to this world, so that they are easily published


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  • Why is such high efficiency in learning for publications hard to find at other places?

    • Unique and valuable industrial topics for high school students generally require top-notch scientist guidance, but few top-notch scientists are willing to coach high school students.

    • World class laboratory is costly; usually, the laboratory has to work on a more profitable project than coaching high school students.

    • Dr. Ding’s high-efficiency new materials innovation technology significantly reduced the research cost from traditional industry by 10~100 times.

  • Is the research fun? What kinds of the research topics are there in the program?  

    • There are a lot of cool industrial topics and the surprising experiences like magic shows; what coating is needed on a cell phone, on eyeglass? Can window coating make room cool in summer, or warm in winter? Fog-free windshield? Switchable glass (dark /clear)? Personal designed color /pattern on a glass/mirror; cell phone friendly glass coating and so on. Hand-on design proto-type products (using professional software), as well as new inventive materials souvenir, can be taken home, and enjoy the honor of the author for new materials in a public database.

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  • The functions of anti-reflection, anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint can be achieved by optical coatings,  such as cell phone glass. 

  • Switchable window (dark or clear)

  • Energy saving window thin film coating

  • Design student's favorite color glass coating or mirrors

  • Suprised magic experiments

  • New materials research,  first studied in the world, and published in worldwide scholar database.

  • The real contribution to the human being, to be proud of the whole life.


  • Are these learnings useful in future careers?

    • Yes, this unique experience is not only useful for honors, for university applications, but also very helpful for the future careers in the different fields. 

    • High-value experience

      • to enhance their abilities

      • to find their future interests

      • to help their future careers

    • Skills/knowledge in different fields is a factor in a new dimension, is one of the factors, a stepping stone to future success. The practical experience of operating high-tech nano-research labs and publishing research results can be a lifelong glory and unique help in many careers in the future.

    • Semi-industry experience & semi-graduate research experience

      • help self-confidence in the future;

      • help reviewer on your resume confidence on your ability for a new job, no matter in same or different fields.

      • Even among the simulation world, the hands-on experiences are a unique advantage for creativity, co-operation of different fields, and standing out, so that such experiences could greatly benefit the future career, among various fields, including careers in simulation, marketing, management…

      • High efficient learning enables students to master the concepts/basic skills of widely used modern technologies: vacuum technology, optical spectroscopy, nano-thin film, plasma,  physical deposition, and those concepts are related to most Engineering fields in the future, to make students the unique advantage in their future career

    • A solid contribution to mankind, to be proud for the whole life, and helpful for college and future job applications

    • A real successful project leads to motivations towards more goals in life;

    • Learning the methodology for the invention, is not only useful in science, but also all useful among the fields to explore new things;

  • The tuition is a little high, how can have more discounts?

    • This tuition is not high when considering world-class laboratory with top scientist coaching, where the typical industry charges $2~10k/day: (the nature of high vacuum system needs more than a day preparation before the experiment can start, and all the equipment is expensive. )

    • More discounts can be earned by students and parents, such as

      • (1) more people taking the same experiments and sharing the publications,

      • (2) students or parents could help our lab, our business, our marketing (including industry thin film services), etc.

      • (3) the student is motivated, learn many things by themselves, will award discounts.

      • (4) or any other ways save our time or cost or help our business.

  • What is the uniqueness of this private training class?

    • The differences between LFI and other science programs are

    1. The students at LFI can make a new thing which is useful to the science community so that their names can be published.

    2. The coach is a principal scientist, with rich of publications, and an organizing committee member in an international conference

    3. Students are working at a world-class laboratory to efficiently achieve invention/publications. 

    4. State of art of new technology with high efficiency in new materials innovation.


  • Unique technology at LabForInvention

    • Hardware: modern nano research lab (the similar lab usually only PhDs or industry professionals are allowed to be used.)

    • Software: Guides trainees to overcome math/science barriers  Designs new industry products

    • Expert Scientist coaching to lead the students directly to the frontier of the research of industry topics. 

    • The new technology with high research efficiency  Proven High Invention Productivity. (Coach submitted one patent alert every two weeks in past 3 years continually)


  • Why is 9th grader knowledge enough of the invention? 

    • 9th Grade Knowledge is Adequate for Invention Because 
      • The software can take care most of the scientific laws and whatever industrial product design needed in the research;

      • The Hardware is so advanced that the new experiments done at the world-class nano-research lab are usually new to the science community, so that the results are easily published.

      • The great inventor Edison only received the primary school education:  today's high school students  with friendly software can do many things

      • We live in a new era of a new trend: Professional work will be shaped by amateurs

        • Every year, there are high school student winners of the Intel Science and Engineering Fair, with such advanced research.

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